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Timing a 29K/70

Guest cmighells

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Guest cmighells

I have been trying to time a 29K/70. Though I align it according to the instructions, it doesn't sew at all or, if it does, only when sewing perpendicular to the mahine (as you would a standard machine).


Any one have any secrets or experienced with timng one of these?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Guest cmighells

Thank you for your reply. I will attempt to attach a pic that includes 3 vies. A is the threading of the top portion, B is the timing as close as I can get it (it won't back off more than that) and C is a pic of the thread showing the pointing of the needle. Any pointers you can give me is greatly appreciated.



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A few of pointers to start with.


Is the lifting arm in its highest position in the photo?

Why is there no tension on the upper thread tension wheel,

is this because you are using a very thick thread on top?

Can you post a pic of the Needle Bar tension spring in position with the bar at its lowest point?

How much play is there when you try to move the Shuttle arm by hand?

Have you removed the Rack and Pinion set up recently?

As Tel has mentioned, is the long groove facing directly to the left (9oclock) and not just slightly off?

Is the Needle in the pic at its lowest point of entry into the Shuttle box?

What make Needles are you using?

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image A, should look like this



Image B, when the take up lever has reached its highest point (as shown)



your shuttle/bobbin holder should sit in this position




Download this document, as it has threading fully explained.


the biggest reason for the machine running in one direction & not the other is the needle (as mentioned) if you are using the correct ones, it should have a grove running down one side of its length if set as TeL200 has mentioned the machine will run in any direction.



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