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Recognition Certificates 2008

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Recognition Certificates


As we head towards our 3rd Birthday its time to see if anyone in the industry has given service beyond the call of duty


This could be in the form of help, information or outstanding service. Last year Kev from Charles Birch was the only winner of one of our special awards, so they are not easy to win!


You can nominate staff/.reps/engineers or any individual for recognition by using this form.






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Its just 1 month until the forums reaches its 3rd Birthday & last month we asked you to nominate a member of the trade for one of out special recognition certificates & this year we have 2 special winners.


Out recognition certificates are not easy to gain, last year we issued just 1 award to Kev from Charles Birch & this year I am please to announce we have two worthy winners.


They are :-


John from SKS & Chris Wilson from Charles Birch. Congratulations to you both!


Technical John, as we know him, shows a clear passion for the industry he’s involved with. This was reflected in the nominations made for him with comments like


    “very helpful and goes out of his way to help”
    “Very Very helpful in setting me up in transponder key cutting.”

Congratulations John.


Our second winner Chris, is a well known face within the industry & his involvement with the forth coming cycle challenge has clearly been well received by the trade.

Comments to his nominations included


    “for his enthusiasm for the repair trade, the "recycle" idea is one of his best!”
    “with out Chris’ effort I doubt if the cycling week would have launched. He has a large company to run yet has still found endless hours to work on the project”


Thank you to both winners from the shoe repair industry.



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Guest Keyman

Yes Well Done both,


I would personally like to thank John for his help both on this forum and on the phone, knows his stuff and can always get answers for other topics, always very helpfull and constructive!



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I had waited until the latest addition of CuttingEdge had been published before posting these two images as I'd Hoped they would be used in the magazine, but sadly they weren't so you can now see both our certificate holders in the gallery







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