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¿Outsole stitcher video?

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Hola to all :D


In Spain is not so much known the outsole stitcher machine.


Please, anybody knows where is a video of one of this machines working?




Health! :smt006


P.D: If there are not videos on internet and one of you have the delicatessen to make one for me, I'll be total happy and gratitude.



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a delicatessen is a shop where you would buy food and snacks, cheese ham and other quality foods


:lol: :lol: :lol:


Well, I like delicatessen too :lol:


I don't use traslator, but yes dicctionary. Keep cool, I don't think in change my dictionary... :wink:


Health and humor, ever! :D

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Hi Corlas


Just noticed your post. We can supply a DVD of the outsoler for you which is very informative (lots of information). There will be a small cost for it, €15, along with a small charge for postage. If you would like me to supply one, please PM me with your details and I'll get it to you in a couple of days.


BTW, I will be in Barcelona in early June for the GP, I am riding down from the UK. Could we meet?



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I will be in Barcelona in early June for the GP


We can see us naturally!!

But I don't want to pay for this video, I'm sure you understand me.


I've got a pair of shoes prepared & will film the stitching tomorrow morning.... COST €00.00



:smt026 :smt026 :smt026



Health! :D

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Lee, if you film this outsoler stitching video I'll be totaly grateful, and you can ask me almost all. :wink:


Health! :D


As promised I filmed the stitching today using my laptop, main computer & two webcams.

I was only at the shop for an hour & a half today so will edit the film tomorrow at some point.



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