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Property of a Lady

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A very nice lady has asked us chaps at Standard for help with the operation and needle replacement of the following machine.





Unfortunately due to the fact that we are all far too young here (!) we can offer no real assistance with her request. I told her I would throw the enquiry open to the more "seasoned" members of this forum in case anyone could assist.


Please post any information here and I will forward it on.


Thanks, The Hub.

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hmmmm... simplex used to be in bristol and i believe birch bought them and/or parts out. nothing left now.


as far as i remember they use goodyear needles and have a similar action to the victor with an arm lifting the thread from the needle on to the shuttle. the locking system is a bit of a nightmare but not as much as the threading. on the victor and goodyear you have an arm to pull the thread down to make the stitch but the simplex has an internal arm that goes from front to back which means you have to thread most of it inside the machine, nasty.


we may have a book and diagram if it is any help but I cant be certain, if you are interested post here and i will have a look


Perhaps a member has a simplex and can be more help?

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Guest penny edwards

Hi Peter

Great to hear from you, I would be fantastic if you could get hold of a book or any diagrams. we managed to make a copy of the needle from silver steel, but because we hadn't tempered it, it bent so back to the drawing board!!!!

Thanks for assistance


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Guest penny edwards

Hi again,

thankyou so much for your fantastic presentation.

Our machine is very very similar but not identical, we don't have the arm over the top? Just wondering if you could confirm if the needle is curved or straight, ours is curved, any more pics would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your effort!


Kind regards




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