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Repaierer needed for boots

Guest sjsarre

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Guest sjsarre

Hi i've found this forum and wondered if anyone can help. I'm looking for someone who could fix my new boots that I had a bit of an accident with. I've only worn them once and well got the heel stuck in a grate in the road.




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New heel block

A new leather full sole

New zippers that match the new heel`s

New upper that match the zippers

And a stick on sole

New top pieces

And do you want a lining in the boot`s? :lol: :lol: :lol:


Well, this little scratch can cost as much as you want, but i would just go to the nearest repairer and leave them there. no big deal.

Don't send them anywhere. Post and package will cost you more than the work.

This is really easy work. And if the repairer mess this one up, he (or she)

are NOT a shoe repairer. Wont cost you more than a few buck`s.

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Guest sjsarre

They are Jones boots, cost me £48 in a sale were £132 out of the sale. I've only worn them once for 30minutes. Just wanted the heel replaced or repaired but I live nowhere near a shoe repair place I live in the channel islands and the shoe repair place over here just consists of replacing the bottom of the heel once its worn away - I took it into them and they said they only re heel they don't repair!!!

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:D :D :D only having a laugh big boy, the whole topic is a joke


No Inquiry on this site made by a member of the public is a joke to me!


Sure some topics descend into a massive debate, yet much is learned by them.


As always with EVERY inquiry made to the site, I have PM'd the customer to offer my services to get the repair they need.


As always its up to the customer to decide which if any of our members they choose to use.



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less than a tenner to redo both heels to match?

maybe a tenner if it was just the bottom parts that are the most obvious but i can see further markings up the sides :shock:




£4.50 for PU's plus a fiver for re-cover and touching up.


Obviously it's hard to give a quote without having the boot 'in hand' but from those pics the job looks simple enough.

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