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Russian engraving font

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Hi everyone had a request today from an oil contractor (Russia) who is looking for stainless steel tags making up with russian writing. I have made many tags from Traffolyte over the years for the oil industry, but this is the first for a russian font.


I use a Gravograph IS400 Volume using Gravostyle 98. Any help or advice would be most appreciated.


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We've got a 1L and a 5L Russian Font, it's in our Gravograph fonts too, if you don't have it and want it just let me know and I'll sort them out for you.


You need to use the Character map though


Hi everynone thanks for the replies, just looked at my fonts list and guess what I have the fonts there also :oops: How do I use them though, using character map? I am not sure what you mean Graham :roll: :cry:

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when you click on text, down the bottom is a little icon like a square with dots in, if you hover over it it should say character list. now once you have selected russian style, click on that box. that will bring up all the letters. then select a letter at a time and hit insert, once you are done hit close. then you can mess about with layout

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Hopefully you'll be sorted.


You'd have to do each letter from the map as whilst if you type say




Then change the font, it will put something Russian up, it's not going to be the translation, just a load of Russian letters that the font when each key is pressed.


I think the character map is probably the most useful of the 'extra' buttons. It comes in handy for stuff like fractions, European accents on letters - all that stuff, it's all in there, you just need to know which font to look in. There's some handy fonts too, we have something called Sports NS (there's two of them) and they've got all sporting images ready to engrave in them. They're a bit 1980's but if someone wants a salver with a golfer on, it's there in outline form ready to go. All handy stuff :)

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