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Public transport

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i've just been to hong kong checking things out and boy i thought london was busy but it is nothing compared to there. you cannot drive anywhere without severe queues, walking is a problem with the crowding but it just reeks of money.

different on the trains and buses though, clean, efficient, on time and best of all cheap. you are not allowed to eat, drink, spit or generally misbehave, people obey this and it works. went on the subway system and the longest journey cost about 75p buses charge per journey and not per distance again cheap. then there was the ferry from lantau to kowloon, 25p per journey, amazing.


makes you wonder where we go wrong really, expensive public transport, dirty, turns up if you are lucky, threatening behaviour everywhere. why cant they sort it out and then more will leave their cars behind but no lets have a crap system and then fine people for using cars.


hmmmmmm general election looming but will it make any difference?

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