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Spanish safe key please help indentify

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Hi Guys,


Firstly I apologise for the quality of the pictures. Secondly, can anyone identify this Spanish safe key. At first glance it looks like a chubb cruiser padlock key except that this one has a bullet groove that would cut the blade off the cruiser. The pipe hole is gauge 6 and the key gauge is off my scale at 1. Just in case my pictures are too bad the key is 6.5 cm in length

with an offset blade and bullet groove at the lowest point of the blade .

Thanks in advance













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Thankyou for trying, do not worry too much as I told my customer that I was not too hopeful of getting one. If they wanted 10 then I might ask you to try all your reps and contacts but I have never seen this key before in 15 years of key cutting. It has no markings or numbers on it so may be a very small safe company that nobody has bothered making key blanks for as so few safes are sold.

Thanks again


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