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Moan time :twisted:

Fed up with customer who come and say "I just bought this car key from fleabay and they told me that I could take it to any Keycutter and get it cut and programmed for a couple of quid"


Bloody Cheapskates, :twisted:


My answer is certainly but the price will be the same as if you had bought the key from ourselves v :shock:

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We get lots of customers in with Non Chipped Car Keys , telling us they had managed to find the Key for there Car ( mailnly older vehicles) on eBay and only paid £5 for it ,and would we cut it for them , many are surprised when we tell them we have either got the Key in stock or could have got one for them within a few days , and would have only charged them £5 anyway , we charge £3 to cut if Customers own Car Blank , but we offer no Money Back Gaurantee if it does not either fit or work .

Also started to get Customers in with Disney and Simpson Keys ,which we also stock ourselves , again we charge £2 to cut them with the same No comeback warranty.

We both buy and sell on eBay , under several different iD's, a great place to trade if you know what you are doing , often seen instructions telling prospective buyers of keys to take blanks to there local well known High St Shoe Repairers ( no names menTioned) , where they will be glad to cut them FOC.

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