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Zip Repair - Tutorial

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Basic Zip repair.




You’ve all had it a burst zip needing replacing that the customer doesn’t have done because of the cost. Well there’s still a way to get the work & provided its done correctly should extend the life of the zip. I always offer this as a second alternative, it’s the zip repair!




First off all have a good closed look at the way a nylon zip is constructed & you will see the teeth are stitched to a backing & its these stitches that fail, so why not re-stitch them? I have marked the boot with masking tape to show where the zip has failed for this tutorial.




First of all remove the old stitching from the back of the zip.






When you begin to stitch the zip always start your stitching an inch or even two away from the failed stitching to stop further running of the old threads.




Most nylon zips have two rows of stitching in them I always stitch the row nearest the shoe upper so that should I not be 100% accurate I still get this row onto the backing.


As you stitch you MUST stitch between each “tooth” of the zip I always hold the zip by laying my finger along its edge, once you have stitched the length you need to, make the return pass.






Once complete the runner will run freely once more!









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can you elaborate please? i'm not sure what you mean :oops:


Sorry Rick, I only had my mobile with me & it doesn't take close ups to good :oops:


You have to direct your needle between each loop of the zip, roughly your needle will be going in at these points.




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Got any details of where to order them then Hugh :P


:lol: a Singer Sewing Machine Shop of course :lol:

They will deal by phone with a credit card, I used to get Velcro off them before it became available via our wholesalers.


Best alternatyive are made by Schmetz Germany but the different types are a minefield. Peter Coulson did a good reference to needle types and it is important to get the right needle for the material being sewn, a Leather needle will damage fabric and so on.


I have 2 packs of Schmetz needles in front of me and although both say 100/16 on the box the rest of the info is confusing, they read like thus;






System 332®


SY 3741

DIx1, DIx3


2. Schmetz

Canu:20:05 TS1

NM:100 size 16

134 LLCR



Confusing or what, one has a short groove at the back and the other has a recess. One has a round point and the other a spear point.

Picked them up in a manufacturing plant years ago and now coming to the last couple of dozen. Still I have a Singer shop near to.

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