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what and where is this?

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Guest quickeys

does anyone know what an ETD-1 transponder machine is? I have googled it and cant find any info on it. Is ot worth the £80 the guy wants for it or is this really outdated?





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Out of date and geared for the US market. No point then I guess, not much use in Salisbury for this.... Thanks


This is also a UK machine . Baisc but most of the time works ok .

Expect to pay 2nd hand around £50 -> £100 for these as they still pop up now and then.

as a starter machine not bad but as already mentioned these are now out of date !


Have a look at JMA`s New TRS5000 and add on Texas crypto Module !


:shock: This is the 1st machine to copy Texas and Texas Crypto onto a CHIP !!! :D

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