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Compressor Oil Filling Device

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On those compressors that it is dificult to get to the filler hole, this device is an easy option. It was made for filling the Gearbox and Transfer box on my car but I thought it might just do you guys for the compressor.


Get a Garden spray gun of the pump action type if you dont already have one at home.


Unscrew the end cap on the nozzle.


take the pices apart that make up this end nozzle.(3 pieces)



Cut a section of plastic tube used for Beer making etc, about 12" long and push fit over the end of the cleared nozzle.


All you need now is to fill with Oil and pump it up before placing the other end into the filler cap on the compressor. Press the trigger and it will fill the tank automatically.



After use the sprayer can be converted back to a garden sprayer and the wife will never know :wink:


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