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Business was good, invested, and looking forward to the future....

Although the guy who is running the place (Gordon Brown) Is predicting a tough one.

What hope has this country got if your leader has no faith. I've never seen such a miserable lookig B**tard in all my life.


He's a Jock, what do you expect. :shock:

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Doomed were doomed(done in a John Laurie Private Fraser kind of way)

Petrol prices

Interest rates

Price of a loaf of bread

Climate change





and theres bound to be another episode of big brother!


carry on!


My attempts to curve impact


Petrol prices - I've brought a moped & a diesel car


Interest rates - Haven't got any loans, just lots of savings :lol:


Price of a loaf of bread - get to Tescos, just before shift change at 6pm its always reduced.


Climate change - I've turned up my heating, I find it helps.


Iraq - I haven't got a passport so won't be holidaying there this year.


Iran - same as above


Pakistan - I've always fancied a holiday there, perhaps I might get a passport this year.


America - much prefer the UK, the politicians are just so honest here in the true spirit of rule Britannia :roll:


and theres bound to be another episode of big brother! - have you seen Emilia at the circus! she's fit!




Its all Boom not Doom here at Cobb-Lees Towers. :lol:

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