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what's hot - what's not?

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well Christmas sales are well on there way, but what's hot & what's not?


for me Gents slippers are hot, Ladies slippers are not!


Wooden gifts are hot, engravable gifts are not!


shoe repairs are hot, the temperatures not.




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the gift box includes fuel n flints Tel


Let me get this right...the box comes in at £1.90 complete with flints, you sling a can of fluid in @ £1.07 (which you possibly retail at £2.50), then charge it all out at £10.95


I just can't figure how you get that margin of profit.

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you must have bloody customers with bottomless wallets :shock:

it's bloody hard trying to get ours to have a tin of petrol half of the time :lol:


we have sold quite a few of the gift boxed ones this year compared to last year as we now have a proper cabinet that'll hold the gift boxes.. we've put about ten gift boxes in, all with a different lighter enclosed with a fixed price. (£4.99 - £5.99 on top of the lighter RSP).



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