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£9.50 each or 2 for £18.00. We use the same as Tel but there is a better machine. The Silca Crown but its 3 times the price. SKS done us a deal that come with some key blanks if I remember rightly :D

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I've decided to charge £9.95. Its a dedicated machine which alot of cutters don't bother with, I don't think Timpsons cut these instore, could be wrong!!!!!!


i popped in a to a Timpsons a about 2 years back when i brought one of the machine which tel was showing they was not cutting then then i charge £6.50

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£15 each if they come to me.
what type of reactions do you get to this price Andy?

Does any one ever bat an eyelid?




Well have to say I rarely get asked for these keys. I bought the machine at a bargain price as an ex demo from Edward Healys years ago.


So far I have yet to lose a sale because of the price. 8)

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We've cut heeps of these, we bought ours from SKS a couple of years ago.

We find customers being sent to us from other key cutters.

Danny give Chris Bateman your SKS rep a call, deffinately worth buying :D

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