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polishing kit

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hey folks, we're thinking of buying a polishing kit and the various bits that you need and could do with your help as we've no idea what we need or where to get it at a fair price.:?


we get quite a lot of jewellery in for engraving that's scratched and we think we could probably make some more money by offering a clean up as an extra service, plus it'd come in handy for those happy accidents :lol:


what do we need to start up and who can supply us?


does anyone have the time to post a tutorial on how to use a polishing mop properly or am i now extracting the urine?


cheers, rick.

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There’s no real art to the type of polishing we as engravers would encounter, however it does take a bit of experience when deciding if something it plated or just how much pressure to put on the item being polished.

I use the mop on my machine & it has got me out of trouble on many an occasion & as with this example lets you give the customer that extra something at times.


In this example I have been asked to engrave a battered tankard for a local pub. Unfortunately nice shinny surfaces don’t photograph that well, but if you look closely there are quite a few scratch on the surface where the engraving is going.



First of all I DON’T KNOW the name of the polishing wax or type I use I have had it so many years I have forgotten! But I brought it from our local engineering suppliers, it’s a nice soft polishing mop wax.


First off apply to the mop, then work the area on the brush, in a smooth motion. You get a feel for the pressure required, the more friction the deeper the polish.





Simple as that, once the area to be polished is complete remove excess wax with either silver polish (in this example) brass polish or mentholated spirits.


Ready for engraving!




This tankard is quite damaged so a fast polish up like this makes a huge difference, you can spend far longer, and get a near mirror shine, but for this example the entire job including taking the pictures took 3 minutes. YES 3 MINUTES


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My customer has just collected the tankard I polished above, to say he was pleased would be an understatement he was over the moon with the way it looked.

the pictures above don't do it justice really. but goes to show how giving that something extra pays off.



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it is nice when we get a little praise for our engraving work. one lady said i should do it for a living :smt102


When collecting shoes I often get customers saying "you can't get shoes repaired like that these days" well what have they just had done then?????? :roll:




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Guest Iain Cheall
Silver dip,you can get at any supermarket (Sainsburys etc.)


Cant be bothered to look for post though, sorry :oops:


Thanks mate I have been through all 5 pages of posts and couldn't find it.


Found some old UK900 arguments and a fair few closed topics but no mention of the required liquid. But as long as you have given me the name I will purchase some and see if it works

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