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Mechanical press for superglue works.

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Well Hugh, you can make one with materials you want. Better for you. ¿Can you put a pic for the exaple? or a pic of the old machine you knows?


The really is I'm fed up to see shoerepairers pressing by hands, or in rare positions to use superglue. Or pressing in the hidraulic press whith the uppers down and the sole up. With the dangerous tears of superglue.

I thing that this machine is for make it easy, for this reason I like it.

And the position of the shoe (sole under) is good for don't damage the uppers.


If you can make to your self, better for you :wink: . But i like the idea. I've not commission jejej... 8)


Health! :D

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Yes Peter, since now this machines were unknown for me, and yours, I like a lot the aesthetic, is pure beatiful.


The same principe, but the same assistance?


But really, I like a lot your machine. I've keep the pic and saw it better :wink:


In Spain the shoerepairers haven't this type of machine, and I think is very useful. More thinking in the new materials and constructions way witch are in actual footwear. For this reason I think is good machine type.


I don't repair usualy, but when I see working my repair friends, ever think to aprofite more the hidraulic press, making diferents pieces (iron pieces) for can glue press different sides of the shoe.


And then, I'he had notice of this type of machine... :oops:


Health! :lol:

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