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So what do you buy?

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Thats a BIG question that Hibs, Everyone would have different needs, so its very individual.

I personally would invest in Engravable materials/gifts, but on the other hand I might put it towards a new finisher, as one of ems getting a little old now.

I've just had two more of those glass cabinettes delivered today from selquin. The contact you gave me.


Whos givin 4.5 Gs away then :P

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4.5K depends on where your at, new business key blanks.

On your way to being established, new service like Engraving or Watch batteries.

Well established. A re-fit to perk things up.

Over the hill and on your way to retiring, a cleaner to watch once a week!



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Guest Iain Cheall

well as i sit here sticking trophy plates and centres on my latest order, with the sun beating in through the window... I think £4500 would get me a couple of weeks sitting at a bar with the sun beating in through the window on a fully inclusive p##sup I mean holiday :D


but seriously it would be stock for the shop and possibly a varga saw :wink:

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I would buy a used Van, kit it out with Knife and Scissor/ Shears sharpening equip plus a Mortice and Cylinder key machines (no Car Keys) and door viewers installed for the elderly.


Get a name emblazoned on the side like DynoSharp, train a local guy and set him up in a frachise type operation going round estates and pubs etc.

Leaftet drop the day before the visit by the Van to explain the services.


Or you could use the cash for a deposit on several Vans and set up a regional operation before going national and earning millions sitting at home in your villa watching the world and his dog go by.

(or watching Hibernian loose to East Fife :lol: )

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Guest Kev'o

I would....

Call into Tescos with the odd 500 and take them up on their offer of 3 cases of stella for 20 quid. This should sort you out with around 1500 bottles of the stuff and give you enough time to work out what the 4k is being spent on.


But, I do like the sound of Hugh's idea :wink:

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Guest Kev'o
Wish I could buy 3 cases of stella for £20 that contained 1500 bottles :wink:


#-o OK OK I was in a rush, or maybe something to do with I have taken them up on that great offer a little to often over the last couple of days :?


Please do not rush to Tesco to find 1500 bottles for a crisp 20 note. I am afraid my friends that I have had a blonde moment and misled you all, with what may have been the best offer of a lifetime.


Just to set the record.

£500 = 25 3 case deals which is 1500 bottles


Nice one hugh :smt023

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Guest samtheman

i have just ordered a silca viper -

thought about it and what it will bring to my shop in the future,

cuts and decodes car keys (laser type)

and with all these keys having transponders it will bring in lots more business not straight away but in 2 to 3 years.

some items which we invest in can give quick profit, i;e engraving but when we do so many keys and programming - easy money mostly all the local and not so local car dealers needing car keys cut to code i know where there going to go!

keep investing on your keys mate! loads of money.

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