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Marbelite Plaques

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Has anybody got a couple of black, oval, marbelite plaques I could purchase from them [-o<


They are going like hotcakes here at the minute and Charlie B's are out of stock of them for 5 weeks :shock:


We've got every single other shape, size and colour in marbelite except the bloody one we need :twisted:


Or perhaps somebody would like to do a swap?! :)



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Order for more stock was placed about 12 weeks ago with my supplier.

Usual delivery time from time of order was 5 weeks.

I phoned them about 2 weeks from due date to get exact delivery time and was told that those items were not being supplied any more!

Thanks for telling me when I placed the order :twisted:


So, this has led to me having source a new supplier, sort out samples from me to them and vice versa to make sure the stuffs what we want, etc, etc.


Unfortunately its taken longer than forseen, and has pi$$ed me off no end.


This is why I'm still 5 weeks from taking delivery of more stock.



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i may have one odd balck oval for you dean, i'll check tomorrow.


kev: why don't you buy the corian (marblite) direct from dupont and cut out the shapes yourself?

they have a great range of colours and thicknesses and can be routed to shape. if ya don't wanna do it yourself get the corian sent to me and i'll do it for ya favour for favour :wink:


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