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Got an email from a guy looking for the following, mine are not accesible at the moment...........





Dear Sir.


I've been searching the internet for spares parts for my Singer 29K71 and I came across an old forum message on Google, in which you say you have 4 spare machines. The message had a link to your website address, thus I am writing for you help.


When I purchased my machine a couple of years ago, it was dropped in transit to me, and the Take Up Lever Adjusting Screw was bent. The lever that lifts the foot was also snapped. I have therefore not been able to use the machine since I bought it.


Would you have spare, from one of your machines, a Take Up Lever Adjusting Screw, Spring and Nut these are parts 418, 82219 and 113105, also a lever that raises the foot, part 82059.


If you can help I would be extemely grateful.


Yours sincerely,


George Foster.

Bletchley, Buckinghamshire.


Can anyone help quicker than me, couple of weeks for to sort something out for this guy.

carry on!

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Thanks Keith

Ive lost the guys email(daughters been playing with laptop at home).

But he did say he got my details from this forum so if you are watching/looking get in touch with the afore mentioned.


My patchers(3) are in my mates lock up and hes away on business just now, back May holiday, Ive got a spare at home in the garage but thats my working backup.

carry on!

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