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Had a lady in this morning with a pocket watch she had bought from a jewellers in the town.


Told me that she had got a quote from somebody else & wanted to know what we would charge.


So i count the letters up, worked it out & told her it would cost £17.40


Her jaw dropped & i thought here we go, she's gonna tell me how she can get it done for 50 pence less or whatever up the road :roll:


She then told me that the jewellers had quoted her £60 to engrave it and that the watch had only cost £50! She would also have to leave it with them for a week. :smt120 :smt043


Needless to say she left it with us & was really chuffed when she came & collected it 20 minutes later 8)


118_pock_watch_1.jpg (sorry about the pic, i took it on me phone)


Out of interest what would you lot charge for this sort of job?(47 Letters)


Are we too cheap?!

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I would have asked her if she had been given any prices before I gave her our price of 16.99..........Not, If she had told me £60 i would have neen £35


Same here, if i'd known she had been quoted £60 i'd have charged her at least another £15 :lol: :smt033

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