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April 2007 - What do you listen to at work?

What do you listen too at work?  

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Im a local radio listener, although I have a conflict of interest with Rhiannon as she listens to a different local station to me so we're always switching channels!


I do listen to music, direct from the computer from time to time, when I get a new CD.


Last one I brought was Sandi Thom.



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friend of mine got a visit from PRS didnt have a licence and was fined for the previous ten years he had been in business.


I always remember Timpsons telling us we couldnt listen to radios when I worked there I can see why now having to pay PRS licencing for all those shops just wouldnt be sensible.

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Guest Iain Cheall

Talksport 6 -10 for the alan brazils sports breakfast, then over to radio 2 for ken bruce till twelve. A cd till 1 then its back to talksport for hawksby and jacobs, I do like me football :lol:

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Guest Iain Cheall
Ar well..... Bet he's got some other good points :lol: :lol:


very true, hes a damm good bloke and a fine cobbler to boot :lol: .....


oh and if you read this to the family I will say you had a gun to my head :smt071

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I listen to the children playing happily in the field.

To the Blckbirds and Song Thrushes chirping.

The Squirells nibbling my nuts.

And the distant sounds of traffic in the distance.

Then the sound of slurping as I drink my Gin & Tonic.

Followed by the hallowed cry of a wife shouting "do you want another drink dear, oh and do you want a couple of sliced Strawberries on top"


Oh it is hard work watching the world go by.

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