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They are two pretty interesting links shoegirl I've not seen either of those machines before.


Would be intrigued to know if either of these are available here in the UK, or if there's a company who exports them.



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the heel wheel was sold by K&B some years ago and there are a few of them around. they are the best heel attacher around (according to repairers who have tried it) and it has a pulling device as well. the other puller was avaialbe as well but i dont see many of them anymore.


we also had a couple of heel cutting tools that allowed you cut cut neatly aroung the heel block and make it easier to pull the tubes out but these have long gone.

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The Pin Puller was manufactured by WHB who in turn became Whitfield Whylie who in turn got taken over by Standard.

Very effective but rather expencive, unless you can get a second hand one, and I dont think anyone would part with theirs I would not advise spending on having one made at this late stage in the fashion stakes.

Standard should have the blue prints for this machine as I once had a copy of them many years ago from Whitfields.

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Guest shoegirl
I would not advise spending on having one made at this late stage in the fashion stakes.


I agree, unless you do alot of dowel lifts that are giving you alot of problems, I wouldn't think these are worth it.


I've never used the bench thing, but I have the heel wheel with the attatchment on top. I very rarely use it (attachment). The heel wheel I use alot for other stuff but its faster to just knock the pins out.


EDIT ...spoke to soon...breaking pins and drilling them out all morning, glad to have my puller this afternoon!

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I have several old cobblers tools ,machines etc.in the back of my shop.This extractors identity plate says Fred Haw.......(can,t read the next letters) Engineers Ltd. Rushden Northants Machine no.175


Thats the exact machine I was talking about, great to see one again. If ever you want to sell it let me know via pm cos I love collecting old bits and bobs of the trade. :D

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This machine looks like it is a manual Jaw that you have to tighten on the Pin.

The ones I used in the 60s were automatic, the more you pulled the more the grip tightened on the Pin. The only problem tha tI found was that the rubber rollers that held the Heel block quickly wore out of broke off bue to the severe force being used.


There is a Health advantage to them in that you save wear on the top spine joints due to impact damage with banging the pliers down onto a last to dislodge the Pin, of by brute force via the leverage method. I suffer now for this action with trapped nerves so beware, Grandad has warned you.

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