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does anyone know of an edging ink that doesn't go a yukky orangey-brown after a few days?


we've been using the coat a sole stuff but the colour's terrible and it can be a bugger to buff over with it being way too light compared to my yankee wax.


i've considered mixing some dark brown leather dye with it but i'm unsure as to what the result may be.



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ours is the dark brown coat a sole edge ink lee :shock: still goes that yukky colour though.


i mentioned adding dye to it; when we used to stock burgundy leather dye i used to add a bottle to my sole stain for staining the leather soles we used to put on brown and oxblood coloured shoes, gave it a nice sort of mahogany finish which contrasted really well against the uppers.

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If you are going to add Dye to edge ink then you first need to establish if the edge ink is Water or Spirit based. If it's water then any of the silk vinyl emulsion match pot colours will mix with them.

If spirit then any of your shoe proper dyes will do, not lady esquire or dylon colourants though as these are vinyl and water based.(Acrylic)

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thanks for that guys, don't know why i never thought of it :oops:

i actually use a bastardisation of that method for doing those mixed tone brown and black ladies heels by applying the black with a sponge and then using the same sponge to apply the brown to the streaked effect that i want.


cheers, rick.

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