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March - How olds your finisher?

How olds your finisher?  

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Whitfield 200 series :shock:


Well it's at least 30 yrs old if it's a 201 and 40 if it's a 200 !!!


Give me the serial number and I'll tell you axlfer.


But you really should replace it you know :lol: For a nice new 710 :wink:




















Oh c'mon, you knew I'd say that :lol:

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My Gypsy Finished Machine...







That looks like the most dangerous machine I've ever seen! mid you don't get your gypsy arse wrapped around that! and when I clicked on the image and enlarged it you even have a cardboard guard reminds me of some of the stuff my old boss used to make!



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Jejej... isn't dangerous with friends...:lol: My gypsy arse is out of danger :lol:


I bought it separately motor and inhalation, and made the structure with my neighbor (metalworker).


2.800 RPM ! 220v.


Ever I say I want change the boxes aspiration, and never I do it :oops: But I painted it!!




(Sorry because is not good photo)

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Checked my Whitfield 200 serial number and it's 200 267. So is it a collectors item worth £50,000 then?


Yes, Keith is going to pay up to have it in their museum and give you a modern finisher with a fireproof dust bag as a promotional exersize showing the virtues of the new machine. Of course you must be prepared to have your photo with the machine published in the trade mags for publicity purposes. Oh and By the way, if it materialises I want a years supply of pain killers for the Arthritus and quality Brandy for medicinal purposes. :lol:

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