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has anyone encountered a cylinder key with PTX 15 on it and do they know who can supply the blank as it isn't in any of my catalogues?

i've had a few in recently but no-one would let me take a pic, hence no photo for you to look at.

cheers, rick.


Does this raise a security question?

Can keys be copied from a photograph?

Should you guys be taking an image of a key and posting it on the net?

Can the key be identified by the bow and a part section with the rest covered up to alleveiate the customers fears?


I never thought of the security aspect of the situation but I can see the customers viewpoint now being on the otherside of the counter.

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that's plain paranoia from the customer 8)

i can just see it now, someone nicks a picture of a key that belongs to a person that he's never met, files a key to an approximatie size which may result in it working first time or maybe not ( better take the files and plasticine along)and then sets off to an unknown address for a bit of thievery:lol:


i tell my customers in cases like this (they usually infer that YOU may be the one to rob them :roll: ) that i don't need their key as i'm very adept with lockpicks anyway 8)


seriously, i see no harm in posting a pic, at the end of the day it's in the customer's interest.

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I can see why they would get paraniod but look at this aspect,

customer comes in for a key, you take a photo of key, customers premises get burgled within the month, no sign of forced entry. Who will be under suspicion, whos good name may be tarnished with a story in the local paper.


Here's another one for you,

National press get a hold of this story and whip up a frenzy of Cobblers posting photos of customers keys on the internet.


Both hypathetical, both scaremongering, both impractical, probably impossible but the damage could be done to either a single shop or nationally.


I dont know if a key could be made from the photo that's why I asked the question. I am however prety darn sure that some could read a code from the pic, I can do it with ford tibbe keys and I dont cut keys.

There are quite a few master locksmith members who may be able to do this, can it be done?

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The point is, very often, when I take a pic in this instance, I don't know the customer's name, let alone their address. The most I normally take is a contact phone number.

Therefore, unless we have psychic key cutters who can look at a key & know which lock on which house / shed / workplace etc in the country the key fits, then we've not really got a problem.

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any customer who did not trust me to handle and photograph his key should learn to cut his own bloody key ! If im going to the trouble of going online to try and find his blank and he does not trust that im honest and on the level can go elsewhere in my books.

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Incidentally I would always say "I have a trade resource which I can send an image to to get the blank Identified if I could take a copy" rather than mentioning its a web site, just sounds that bit more professional I think.



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Well I agree there is room for caution here with regard to customer's keys. But seriously what are the chances of someone actually seeing a picture of the key.. making one and actually finding out where on earth the lock is fitted... Reckon there is a better chance of winning the lottery.


Another consideration here too... Customer walks in places a mortice key on the counter. You take a look walk to your key boards and pick a key right off the peg without going near the machine... yep a good old precut... have you ever had someone say to you.... " What it's already cut? You mean someone can come in here and buy my key right off the peg?"


We all know the answer to that one... But have you ever heard of a situation where a tea leaf actually broke in with one of these keys... ?



Err nope didn't think so... :lol: :lol:

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