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When any of you make signs out of brass,slate or any materials that need infill, do you also lacquer them afterwards or is the cellulose weatherproof?


Still quite inexperienced in the sign making side of computerised engraving,but some of your work pictured here looks great and is very inspiring.


I will try some sample work to put in my window to hopefully encourage a few more sales.


Also , how do you work out pricing on your signs.I use my trophy company's price list for brass or laminate signs but then order materials and engrave myself for a much bigger profit margin.Signs like slate numbers I just order from house nameplate company but profit margins are not very good.

I would like to be cheaper than competition without cutting my own throat or guessing at prices and being caught out with the returning customer being told a different price, making me look very unproffesional,which I have to admit I have done a couple of times recently!! :oops: !! :oops:

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I never use Laquer on brass. It peels off and makes it very difficult to polish up again, as the remaining Laquer is a pig to get off.

I always advise the customer how to look after their brass signs to keep them in good condition.




Pricing: Charles Birch have a good price matrix if you want something to go by. :wink:

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I have been asked to renovate some brass lift signs removing the old paint, polishing them up and repainting them. The customer has requested that they are then given a coat of lacquer.

I have explained all the reasons given in this strand for why that might not be the best idea, but I think he will still want us to do it anyway. At least they are going to be indoors, not open to the elements.

So, if you were to lacquer a brass plate for indoor use, what would you use?

Thanks, Valerie

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