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changing mops

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If you are going to paint it then this is the time to service the revolving section while it is out.

Cant tell you how to do it but there are two methods of transportation of the brushes, Belt & Chain if it's belt then change the belt at this stage and clean all the built up crap within that area. You will be surprised at how much there will be. Order the belt in advance.

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The reference for the belt you require is 'A 1790/A69 443'

    Remove the iron, this is secured to the shaft by two grub screws.
    Remove the pad, this is secured to the shaft by one grub screw in the steel collar.
    Remove the mop/brush, this is secured to the shaft by two grub screws in the steel collar.
    The steel collars are attached to each by three pozi-drive screws, remove these & collar & re-attach to new parts.
    Re-assemble in reverse order

To fit a new belt would require the the main centre shaft to be released or removed

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good post terry, the only thing i would add is that i always pop the belt off the drive pulley first and carefully not letting it ping and come off the motor and/or tension pulley. also you must make sure you get correct brushes for the 700 as the collar goes inside the brush/mop as well. any brushes that look right from the outside may not fit.

either that or you will be spending a lot of time cutting bits of collar off...................... :lol:

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