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Ok guys.


I am going to refit my shop in the near future. This involves scrapping all the present fixtures and fittings and starting agian.


I am looking to use slatwall and it's associated fixtures and fittings on the walls. I also want to purchase two counters. with glass tops and fronts with shelves.


I have trawled the net and good old Ebay and found several possible suppliers.


Just wondering if there maybe someone out there I have misssed offfering better prices.. the delivery charges are something in particular I'm looking to improve on... Just about all those I have seen are charging at least £75 + vat for delivery.

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you can't beat slatwall andy :D


what are you looking to get delivered? the counters or the slatwall?

why don't you build your own counters? 18mm chipboard, ply or mdf and some extruded aluminium corner joints for the glass and hey, presto!, you have custom made counters that will be just what you need.

(ply is the best option as it holds screws better and you can get it at a b and q warehouse extremely cheaply)


shame i don't live near ya, i'd happily come and help ya :D




i'm doing our shop soon, we have that 700 to install so the counters have to be ripped out to get it in, it's as good an excuse as any to replace the ones we fitted 5 years ago as we now know exactly what sort of storage we need.

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Many thanks for the help here guys.


I have been trying to find a local supplier.


I am going tho get myself along to those people in Norwich and have a look.


I can easily transport the stuff myself with my van and trailer being local it won't need to cost me a fortune..

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i have just moved into a new shop and the last owners left the retail side of the shop fully slatboarded and it looks amazing definatly get slatboarding and you save so much space you can get shelving that fits into the slatwall very cheap and hooks,since moving only two doors down from our previous shop our takins have gone up 15-20 % so it proves having a refit makes things look more perfesional in all i only spent about a thousand pound on new signs,carpets,hooks,and the difference from the two shops are amazing and the best bit the rent is £70 a month cheaper for a shop that is double the size. sorry i havent been on here for some time but i only just got a computer today after the last one broke down about 5 months ago

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takins have gone up 15-20 % so it proves having a refit makes things look more perfesional


Well I've been in my shop since 1989, and over the past 5-6 have keeps up with inflation, this year (re-fitted last year) the first quarter is up 11% on last year, so above inflation. I am sure this is because of freshening up the shop side.



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When looking at re-fitting any shop, it pays to look at the way you work as this is often overlooked. So many operators never consider changing their set up around because they say 'I've always done it like that' or 'It's worked fine for all these years, why change it' :shock:


You can always improve on any process :D You can invariably save space, an advantage when introducing new services. Also, improve the way you operate that makes the job easier, ie, less physical. :D


This form of thinking will often pay dividends and shop take can improve by as much as 30% :D



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Have to agree with your comments guys. I have been chopping and changing ideas around in order to make the very best use of my limited space.


This is going to include not only more room for my custoemrs to move in but also a much nicer working area for myself and ther counter will be increasing in size from only 500 mm long ( yes 500 mm) to a lovely 3000mm. I will also be increasing by working bench space too. along with a nice new glass display cabinet for trophies etc.


I have spent a considerable amount of time checking out just what's available and comparing prices. As you're all obviously aware counters and fittings from shop fitting specialists don't come cheap.


The very best quote I managed for the 3 metre counter I require was a m whopping £981 + VAT. :shock: This was for 18mm carcases in a maple finish. I am about to place an order with B&Q's kitchen dept. I can build the same counter with more compartments in 16mm material with a nice granite style finish top for under £500 a damn big saving. I have also been shopping around for slatwall hooks and fittings.. i have managed to source handbag hooks for only £1.99 each again a big saving on the £5.50 each from the first supplier I found.


I am very close to starting the transformation now. I make a post with the before and after and try to log details of the savings I made. Hope maybe the info will help others in the future.

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