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tankard boxes

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Glenway products, page 27 of the components book


Pbox 12 Silk lined presentation box 200 x 165 x 112mm £2.35

Pbox 13 Silk lined presentation box 140 x 140 x 90mm £2.25

Pbox 14 Silk lined presentation box 253 x 302 x 98mm £4.80

Pbox 16 Silk lined presentation box 220 x 180 x 110mm £2.86

Pbox 3 Silk lined presentation box 210 x 140 x 85mm £2.31

Pbox 7 Silk lined presentation box 160 x 120 x 40mm £2.20


All blue in colour, all +VAT & LOTS of postage!



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Just had a thought,


Many companies do catalogues and some of these are now done on computer.

Is there a way of providing a hook up to those catalogues online.


Prime example would be the Davenport Key catalogue, it could save them thousands in print charges and be sure that their name is up front.

The cash saved in print and distribution would be put toward the web pages. They would never need to do a re-print, just alter the individual images. (I claim my £500 top tip prize) :wink:

Lock Hardware, Trophy, Shoecare etc; etc; the list is endless and would ensure that the majority of the trade use the forum to get access to product information!!!

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What a great idea, UK and I bought some real nice stuff from a supplier at trophex, I think they were called sarome i think, they told me they did very little in the trophie market and dealt mainly with tabaconists, they would be a good company to talk with, there keen to expand into our sector !

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