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Do we practise what we preach?

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Cheap crappy hiking boots from George@asda.


Only cost £20, so not bothered about getting 'em crapped up at work wi paint, etc.


Used to wear Steel toe caps. They were a great boot, but I was told the oil resistant sole on those type of boots wasn't worth repairing. It had split down middle and leaked like hell.


So i went for the hiking boots. I'll be happy if i get 18 months use out of them for the expense of £20. Only gripe was the laces. They snapped after 2 months, but I think that had more to do with my cat diving on 'em everytime i fastened/unfastened em!!!!

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Most of mine are Cheaney's, all leather lined.

1 pair Church leather lined

1 pair Loake leather lined

1 pair Clarks "Captain Sensible shoes" for when my feet hurt.

1 pair of Police Commando type boots.

1 pair Wellies.

Several pair of Trainers

2 pair flippy floppies

1 pair Sandals

2 pair slippers

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.


I like new shoes and dont like having them repaired because by then they are getting a bit tatty.

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at the moment ,im wearing guiness slippers......cus im in the house......very very warm.best slippers on the market. and to my shop im wearing the sun newspaper in the hole on my sole on the left foot.page 3 side down.theres more meat this way in the shoe ,and the mirror on the whole of the sole in my right shoe.with marinnios big sweed facing down threw the hole.im conducting a survey on which is the best quality newspaper ,that 1. KEEPS YOURE FEET WARM AND DRY AND 2. .SEEING IF 2 SEPPERATE -ITS LAST TYHE SAME TIME IN SIMILER CURCAMSTANCES.AND WHEN THE SURVEY IS FINISHED.ILL REPLACE THE SOLES WITH .OLD CAR TYRE RUBBER.like the sandles you buy in africa.that cost a fiver and never wear out. and when i feel like it ill dig my over priced pradas out.......................and if its wet i wear gortex lined army para boots .very comftable and last for ever.ps any repair shop owner or employee ,who does not keep there shoes clean is a disgrace to the buisness.....YOU CAN TELL A MAN BY HIS SHOES.as the old myth goes..lol

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being a size 5 (yes really) Means that when you do manage to get a gents shoe the right size you look after them!


In the winter I rotate two pairs of Caterpillar boots, One pairs fairly new but the older ones have been repaired using commando units so many times I've lost track but they must be 18-20 years old.


In the summer I wear Loakes as these are one of the few manufacturer who retail a size 5!



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they aint be repaired (never been polished either)


I can send you a tin of polish if it breaks your heart to open one hibs.

It must be Heart tearing having to open a tin that you could get money for, but advice is here.


Open the tin/jar, use the polish, blow the hot air gun or place under heater for a few seconds then when molten and gone cold it glazes over and no-one will ever know.

I've taught this to dozens of repairers over the northern border, there seems to be a national demand for saving pennies :wink:

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