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Hi guys, just to let you know of a bit of fun I had yesterday. A customer bought in an Asec cylinder key and said he would call back later so I looked at it and put it to one side while I finished another job off. When I picked it up again I realised it was a six pin key that I do not have. now on the peg I have jma (al-1i), errebi and cb group blanks, so I picked off two jma blanks, filed the shoulders back and cut them normally. A bit later another customer came in wanting another 4 before the others had gone out, a bit concerned that I might have a load of refunds on my hands I explianed the problem that they were a new key and not on my boards but hopfully they would work if I cut the shoulders back on the shorter blank. As they were newly fitted locks on flats around the corner he said no probs as he would be back in 2 mins if there was a problem. So I cut him 2 errebi and 2 jma. Two mins later he was back, the errebi were fine, the jma would not turn so I recut them holding the bottom groove from the front which took off a bit more. They were fine but cut some cb group blanks a bit later as they were all I had left and they would not work unless I held the key in the bottom groove on the back. All good fun and 10 keys cut for different people throughout the day and hopfully more today.

Hope this may help someone else.



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Funny how it goes, I have had a run of the 6 pin Asec keys in, I wander what makes an individual brand suddenly become so popular?


Is it being stocked by the likes of B&Q that suddenly catapults its popularity or being used by a national double glazing company that does it?


Either way if I was lock manufacturer I'd want some!


(I use the ASEC2, H662 from davenports)



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