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Price of steel


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Just had reason to look at the 2007 price increase on Trophies :evil:

They must be havin a laugh :twisted:


On on little 11" cup its gone from £12 up to £24 ???????


Is that right have they all gone down this "China steel price road"


Help me out here folks any of you guys have any suppliers who have not ramped up the prices.

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Yes TDS it was, Annie has sat and piled threw the others tonight and we may post results later, On first Glance it looks like Glenway have the smallest increase this year.


CHECK out your TDS price increases !!!!!!!

I spoke to them today and they told me it was prices increases from china, on one cup it Doubled in price.


Im not Bitchin ( Lee) Im just pointing out the facts :shock:

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I have called TDS and are awaiting a call back from there MD.

There first response was to blame the chinese steel prices. I told them I don't except that as other suppliers of metals haven't doubled ????


I also made them aware of the forum and the awareness of our members.


I'll let you know what he says when and if he replys, but I do expect him to call back as they are an excellent company to deal with.



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Arthur (MD) has promptly called me back. And given me the answers...

First of all in 2004 when they were buying these cups in for the new catalogue the price of Copper worldwide was $1208 per ton and the price of the cups came out at £13.95 each, which I know were the cheapest in the Uk for the same cup by far in a lot of cases.

However the price of Copper this time round has jumped to $3490 per Ton worldwide. hence the £28 price tag.

He points out that there is nothing he can do about it as they are still by far the cheapest cups of this quality on the market.

and that everyone has to pass on the price rise.


I might also like to say that I have spoken to 4 members of TDS's staff this morning, and all of them have been extremely polite and proffessional as they always are. In my opinion they are by far the best trophy wholesaler I have ever used and have never let me down. So for that reason I would check out other suppliers prices before anyone decides to jump ship..........you'll have your eyes opened.


regards uk900

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An Interesting reply Uk, nice to see some genuine answers to the questions raised.


Busy Bee, whilst I agree with your reply in some aspects as an on-line publication we have to be very wary of the defamation laws. So I have removed your reply.



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These cups are Nickel Plated and of a good quality.


They start from 8 1/4 inch and the price is £24.50


The next size up is 9 1/2 inch and priced at £28


Note: The plinth band is not included in the price.


I haven't got a catalogue with me to give any more details, back at work tomorrow if any more info is required.

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This is the Rutland from Glenways very similar in design,




2006 Retail price 8" £39.95 Plinth Band £9.95 (total £49.90)

2006 Retail price 10" 59.95 Plinth Band £10.95 (total £70.90)


2007 Retail price 8" £59.95 Plinth Band £10.95 (total £70.85 + £20.95)

2007 Retail price 10" £99.95 Plinth Band £14.95 (total £114.90 + £44.00)


Well worth having a look through your catalogues to make sure your up to speed on your prices!



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