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Spring Fair

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Im wore out............................. :(

it just seems to be one thing after another at this time of year, my decision will be made over the next few days. I have a whopping vat bill this week and I will have to see if i can muster the energy after the queens people have pulled the rug out from under me. The down side of a good christmas :oops:

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What dates Andy?


To those who have never been, it is an eye opener, you may need 2 days to get around if like me you are nosy, but I have the time to spare delving into just about everything.


Not being a trader anymore stops me from spending my lifes savings :lol:

Good job too as I would come back with van loads.

Still trying to get a carriage clock I saw 3 years ago but they wont do the deal unless you sell clocks as a business.


Watched a DVD demo on casting small items from alloy etc, bit expencive for the kit but I made the casting rings myself on a lathe and I just had to buy the casting medium. Very good for making copies of a broken buckle of trim, or even small car parts up to 2". Use old scrap alloy from car breakers to melt and it costs virtually nowt. Recommend to watch the video if any of you go. It's on Jewelery repairs stands.

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