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That stormsure tip is bloody brilliant Hugh.


:lol: :lol: dont tell everybody or they will all want it :lol: :lol:


My bet hibs, is that you will find new uses for it each week.

Ive just used it to stick a handle on my Vacuum cleaner that broke.

I must get some of that Accelerator though as I am impatient having to wait for it to dry :wink:


I must have been using this type of stuff 20 years ago and I am gobsmacked that it has never caught the attention of the trade.

It's been advertised for 20 years in the sunday suppliments for Joe Public to repair their own shoes (pic shown with a hole in the sole)


Moulded sole broke in half!!!

Securing Heel blocks!!!

Securing Kicker type sole edges!!!

Waders/Wellies/Wet Suits!!!

Put a bit into a drilled hole in a wall before inserting a plu and it will never move once dry!!

Put a bit on a top-piece you are having trouble with befor nailing /pinning!!!

Broken plastic bits on motor cycle boots!!!

Broken corners on brief cases!!!


The list is as long as your imagination.

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