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Have a customer who wants his chelsea boot altered. Basically, he needs to be able to get his injured foot into it by pullng the front forward, which means making the elastic gussets redundant. Would you advise of using a velcro fastening or a leather strap and buckle? Would you keep the cut elastic (secured at the bottom) in place as a 'tongue'?

Anyone done this successfully before?

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I'll try. I need to cut the two elastic side gussets so the front apron can be folded down allowing his foot to go into the boot. Now the apron will fold back up but as there is now no elastic, I need to secure the top of the boot otherwise his foot will be slopping about.

I thought about stitching the elastic (to avoid fraying) and then cut round but leave it secured at the bottom and use the loose elastic gusset as a type of tongue. It would be a case of either using a strap or velcro to secure the front apron. Hope this is a bit clearer.

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i would sugest that you talk to your customer first as i used to when asked for tis type of adaption and discuss the ways in which in can be done .i myself would suggest that i cuut a slot down the front of the vamp and fit a velcro stap to fasten over it but i wuold then suggest doing it to both boots and leave the gussets intact

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