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Key Blank Time...AGAIN

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Customer in last week wanting a couple of copies of a key cut on blank HD MNT1. It wasn't in the Davenports book, so I phoned them up asking for an alternative. Chap on the end says that they had to withdraw the blank due to copyright issues.

Is this true? Anyone have more info? Anyone know where I can get blanks to cut this ident?

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is it a copyrighted lock and key system though? or were the keys only made for mint?

even if they were copyrighted, would the copyright still be valid now they are no longer in business in the UK? do timpson hold the copyright as they bought minit?


if they do, ask them if they can do the keys for you 8) you may not make anything on it but at least you'll have an happy customer :!:


regards, rick.

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The copyright is owned and controlled by the lock manufacturer. Replacement keys are available only from the company whose phone number is embossed on the head of the key. There may be a case for advising your customer to consider replacing the lock, to avoid possible problems in obtaining keys in the future.




Tel: 01902 366448

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Thanks for all the info folks. The gent came back in this afternoon and I explained what I had learned to him. I said he might like to enquire at Timpsons.

Chris, the only markings his key had was HD MNT1. I guess that somewhere in the distant past Davenports supplied these blanks to Minit under contract?

I felt disappointed that I couldn't help him further, but he was pleased that I had investigated the situation for him.

And that spelling out of MINIT on the fluting is very clever. Well impressed.

Thanks again for all the help

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at timpson we don't have the minit copyright on any minit keys. we know the key experts over in belgium who may be able to help? we also have an easy entry machine which we use a lot..............but you need to ensure you don't abuse any copyrights! one thing we have started to do is to put in our own sections via our mobile locksmiths.

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