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Morning, a customer brought in this key:

Ruko System 5RA 66/67E

as I didn't have the exact one I cut what I thought - and asked to try first -but the key was going to Aberdeen - to cut a long story - she came back and paid BUT this only opened one door and it should open three different doors. Outside, house, and flat - she kept it but still wants another one!

The original is with her daughter in aberdeen and she's coming down in a fortnight - so I've time to find the right key - but where? how?

can you people help me please.



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HiTel, don't worry I'm the first to LOL @ Annie - although I did have to ask my big wee brother what LOL meant!

left the country 40 years ago and just came back in Nov. So I'm not up to all your syns. :roll:

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Beleive these keys are for halls of residence in "Yeoman Hall Flats" in Aberdeen.

Your customer needs to go halls of residence officer and get keys ordered from there, key is patented so no one is allowed to cut other than Fyfe Douglas in Dundee. there no. is 01382 458918.

So stop wasting your time Annie.

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