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Hi there - I need help again!

I could have orienteering markers to do if everything goes well. I have uploaded a picture of how it should look.216_DSC01362_1.jpg

Man said the numbers could be a different colour - so I have 2ply laminate

white on red - but how do I get the red triangle cut out?

how does the machine do this I can't find a button.

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Hi Lee, thanks thats what John said and he already has a vinyl cutter - so if it comes to that - that's what I'll be doing.

But just to be informed how would one engrave that?



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Hello all


You could either use our 3 colour laminate Gravoply 3C (it is available in white / red / black. See full colour range on http://www.gravograph.com/uk/Engraving% ... oply3c.php) or as UK900 said use Gravoglas and paintfill it.


If the colours match, I personally would go for Gravoply 3C - saves the time consuming painting process.


Vinyl is not a good option neither...


Hope this helps and good luck.127_ScreenShot_2.jpg

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Hello again


First of all, sorry for the mistype - I meant vinyl is not a bad option (i.e. it will work as well).


Settings for Gply3c are:

- top layer 0.1mm (4 graduations on the vernier)

- 2nd layer 0.3mm (12 graduations on vernier)


Hope this helps.

127_ScreenShot_3.jpg Michel

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What an idiot i am, it has only taken 14 hrs for the penny to drop :oops:

i have been stood here loading these bloody marker signs into my is200 all weekend and I should have farmed the job out and had them cut on an is7000 one full sheet at a a time, its about 7/8min a time doing it this way, I have learned a lesson this weekend let me tell you :?

I should have asked UK900 first :cry:

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