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what sold the most (xmas)

Guest blank

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:P Dont think I ok ?


In the middle of a new shop opening on the 15th so my heads a bit scrambled


Been sanding floors all afternoon and I just blew my nose !


I had half the rain forrest up there,

Or maybe its just my stuffing starting to slip out of my brain :?

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What was the name of the font used for "Jays iPod" UK.?

Very nice to see someone taking advantage of modern technology, I'm still trying to get the tunes I want on mine, never mind having it engraved :wink:


One day all old cobblers will be able to use i-pods.(pre-programmed)

Take your tablet for Alzimers at 9.30

Take your pill for Prostrate at 10.00

Go to the Toilet and empty your Incontinence bag at 10.30

Cup of Tea at 11.00

Dont forget Dinner at 12.00

Heart tablet at 1.00

Waterworks tablet at 2.00

Blood pressure tablet at 3.00

Afternoon Tea at 4.00

Snooze at 5.00

Evening meal at 7.00

Viagra tablet at 8.00

Sex at 8.05

Finish sex at 10.05

Bath at 10.15

Bed at 10.30

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


It will come, just you wait.

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No, it aint the material I'm after but the font for jays ipod.


Sorry Hugh I miss read your post, the font is Fraktur.


Fraktur is a font used in Gravograph's Gravostyle'98â„¢ fonts pack


Fraktur and German Script fonts are available in TrueType, & I think they're part of the Blackletter range


Have a look Here

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