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Guest Annie

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Morning EP, yes thank you I have look in the sports section -

Modify,symbols,sports, BUT there are now darts or equivalent, there is an image that looks like a dartboard, I have been looking all morning ?

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Apologies if I wasn't too clear in my earlier post


IT Shop. I think you are looking in the Symbol Library on the left hand side of the screen by the sounds of it.


We are using G5. On ours if you look through your fonts you should have Sports NS & Sports NS2.


Look on the menu at the bottom of the screen near to where you select the fonts/font sizes,etc.


There should be a small button with little boxes on it. If you click this button a window comes up showing all the characters available for the selected font


In this instance sports symbols and hopefully a dart board/player.


I would check this out myself but not at work right now.


The Electronic Pig.

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