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How to hold a leg!

Guest Annie

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ok guys - leg... meant as legs on spectacles!

As usual a new thing for me here - how do you engrave the inside of the leg :lol: - what do you use to hold - (don't tell me your hands)what bit - on metal, on plastic, and plastic covering..the legs cannot be taken off - because they all are on springs-too difficult.

I would appreciate any info.



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I have engraved them by hand in the past. If they couldn't be done by hand I would take them apart and engrave them on the machine. I haven't come across a pair that couldn't be dismantled, but if I did I would take them to a local optician.

They are normally quite easy to hold in the machine. last resort would be blue tack them to the top of the vice and hold them down by hand. 8)

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