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Wagner Identification

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Have a Wagner cylinder key which I need help finding the blank for.

It has a profile of 16HL (Davenports ident) which was too long so I ground it to the correct length, but although it went into the lock, it didn't work. It has a squared round top. Any thoughts anyone?

I had previously tried a WMS 7 which was pretty close length wise but didn't work.

By the way, the Housing chap needed 8 of them, and none worked!

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Here we have the Crimewatch line up of the usual suspects for a blank for the Wagner

Wagner original is on the left with ML1, WMS8, WAG1 and 16HL. The WMS7 is missing but is the same length as the 16HL.

As I mentioned I cut it on a 16HL but had to grind it down.

Any thoughts are most welcome. Has anyone else had cause to adapt a blank in this way?


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Well, I tried that idea that morning, but eventually when the surveyor for the housing association came back it was a no go. Friend in the trade said try a UL2. I've cut it but Christmas holiday has interrupted the outcome. I cut 3 keys for 3 different standard locks that I keep in the shop, all OK, so my machine seems to be cutting alright. Will keep you posted.

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