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Corel Draw

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Over the course of my long signmaking life, i've use many graphics packages to create signs and more. Personally I find Corel Draw great as a "side" software. Generally I can create signs better in that and then export them into my engraving software. As far as the engraving software I swear by Signlab(sometimes called Engravelab). This is by far the best I have ever used. Vectorisation is simple, and the node editing is simple. Other softwares just can't compete.

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I have a lot of clipart, which I find handy. I use the internet to search for images. But I find having an artistic touch is by far the greatest tool you'll ever need.

We can engrave any logo, even from the poorest image. As long as we can work out what it is, we can do it :wink:

Very rarly use Coral Draw etc. but it is great for those who prefer it.

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