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advice on computer engraver's

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I bought the Mastergrave Universal about 18 months ago and have had no problems whatsoever.

Very easy software to use. Have also found Mastergrave very helpful with advice on engraving awkward items, and very good/quick supply of materials & giftware.

I looked at the Suregrave Rotation as well but preferred Universal.

Gravograph machines seemed a little more expensive at the time,although lots of users on here seem to use them.


:D Great investment, especially for me as I run my shop alone so can setup an engraving and then carry on with something else while it is running :D


Just a point on the untapped market of trophies and sports clubs.....I found that after spending nearly £15000 on a nice engraving machine, every bugger wants free engraving + discount on their orders, which I try not to give whenever possible as I dont make enough on the trophies to warrant my time engraving them for nought :!: :evil: :!:

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im a big fan of gravograph as well, what you will find is most people are happy with their own machine partly because they decided to buy that one and partly because they do not know the other makes. i find the software is a lot more compatible with shoe repairers who do not want to know how it works just get on with it but it equally at home with ones that want to know the ins and outs

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Iains right Paul, in the window. let people see it in action, its a great talking point when its in action.

And that way its in peoples faces...sales sales £££££££.


If you do purchase one, it would be advisable to make sure your covered with your insurance company :wink:

and make sure you have an alarm system.

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insurance? now theres a topic waiting to happen, i know a fair bit about insurance particularly under insurance but is there anyone very knowledgable to start a topic with particular reference to what happens when there is a problem and how insurance companies work out how little to pay out? i will do it if not because i firmly believe too many repairers do not understand how much they could lose out for just a few quid.

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Hey peter

youre always helpfull

as an example my shop has the following

outasole,blake & patcher

band scourer, 1.5 finishers

a computer engraver, 2 pantagraphs

5 key machines 1 transponder machine

not surre how much stock.


what amount of cover should I have in my policy.

I recently saw thw pictures of that shop on your website after their fire and was shocked to say the least.

kind regards paul

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