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ALt codes (split topic)

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shame on anyone here who uses their computer a lot who doesn't know their alt codes :shock:


anyway, here is the list i first used, it's quite comprehensive but it may have been updated since but i doubt it's by much.


ALT-0128 € ALT-0130 ‚

ALT-0131 ƒ ALT-0132 „ ALT-0133 …

ALT-0134 † ALT-0135 ‡ ALT-0136 ˆ

ALT-0137 ‰ ALT-0138 Š ALT-0139 ‹

ALT-0140 Œ ALT-0142 Ž ALT-0145 ‘

ALT-0146 ’ ALT-0147 “ ALT-0148 â€Â

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i have no idea why it won't work in your word hugh :? works everytime in mine, what version are you running? (not that it should make a difference)


be wary of holding down ctrl and alt though and hitting keys at random :shock:

using ctrl alt delete will immediately close down any programme you are using!!!!

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