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Crepe Sticking the substance

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Problems are occuring with Crepe now that it is being used for some of the fashion Footwear.


Supply has been covered in "Crepe" topic.


Identification is another. Most of the repairers out there in the UK know Crepe as a Natural Rubber supplied in white or shades of Brown (normally reconstituted Crepe).

This stuff sticks to itself when scoured and put together.


There are other Substances known as Crepe that are mainly supplied via Europe, mainly Germany. Europe defines most rubber materials as Crepe,

these are rubbers that have no synthetic additives.

Most common are the ones in the Gotz catalogue in sheet form.


Sticking Crepe has its problems, firstly you have to identify if it is the Uk known type or the Continental type.


The Uk common known type is stuck with Rubber Solution and if you cant obtain this from the wholesaler then a Cycle repair shop should be able to obtain it for you in small cans.


Most Adhesives now are made on the Continent and claim to stick Crepe,

but, they are refering to a different version of crepe that you and I are familiar with.


Many of todays Crepe soled shoes have a middle. Years ago this middle was made of Crepe and stuck and sewn on before the outersole was put on.

Nowadays it appears to be made from sustance resembling Insole board or Leather Particle board. Both of these tend to De-Laminate in use and therefore cause what appears to be a bond failure. (Midsole needs changing to Resin or Crepe be on the safe side).


Many Adhesives will stick Our version of Crepe temoparily but the bond fails at a later date, (customer may not come back so you think the job was satisfactory).


Any problems with a substance that you are having great problems with, engage the customer in the problem, tell them they are trying a new adhesive and you want their feedback.( no complaints will be made if it doesnt work and they think it is great).


1 way to anything that wont stick with conventional adhesives (Please do not mention Superglue) is to use a product called Stormsure available from Charles birch (or was at the last exhibition) If you cant get this then Freesole is the same and can be purchased from sports shops if you have a problem locating it.

Clean the 2 srfaces and spread the adhesive into the area, then press together by hand (this is not contact adhesive and must not be allowed to dry before bringing the 2 surfaces together) tape it closed with parcel tape or cellotape and allow to dry overnight. WARNING, do not get it on anywhere you are not supposed to as you wont get it off.

Great for securing Kickers. Football soles, Split sole units, Waders, Wellies, Put some tape behind a hole and it will fill the hole when set.

Once opened it only lasts about 2 weeks before going hard. (it has to be fluid to work) As it is not cheapo crappo it is rather costly for everyday use so inbuild the cost of the tube into the price.


PS, dont forget that you can stitch the soles or problem toes on the goodyear if welted, just be sure that the presser foot is operating on 1 spring only not 2, otherwise it wll be difficult to feed along.

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