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So hows it going?

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yes kieth - posters in window - on a boards - also on counter in shop!!

will look in mail!

but cosidering i was not going to bother, not compaining.

idea i had was not to be the only one in this area not doing it1 think i am only one doing it!

i spent 200 quid on local advert, early days yet.,.,

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We've had 1 voucher from the mail. Posters in window,

See what the rest of the week brings :shock:


I won't look at it as a failiure even if thats it. This forum has had an impression on me, and will look forward to future things.

If we all take part, in just some of it, then we're going in the right direction.


There is something for every member on this forum, supplier or retailer.

By the time next years national repair week comes round, there will be alot more members, loads more imput which will bread more interest.


The only way is up :wink: :wink: :wink:

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And look - we're all talking about it, we all have an opinion.

How would we like things to have been done? What would we like done differently next year?

If we harness these opinions now, while it's all still fresh in our minds, we can build a bigger & better campaign for next year - and hopefully get away from any criticismof how it was done.

Let's all build on what we've done this time round. Promoting the trade can only do good, long term.

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we had a voucher presented to us from the daily mail too :D

my bro said it was a current customer tho :lol:


i've got an idea to rope folk into trying it next year :idea:

why not have them stamp and send in any vouchers they receive and at the end of the week do a prize draw?

might generate more interest, might not :!:

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well it finished on saturday and in total we took 35 vouchers over the week, only none from national ad, :?

seems my adverts work, not really impressed but did it and may have a couple of new customers - also our normal customers benefited from it so wasn't too bad. :idea:

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I think a pattern is emerging here, the National press release in the Mail on Sunday had no real effect.


This can be the case when there is no editorial to accompany the ad. Lesson learned.


The heartening thing about the feedback is that almost everyone has mentioned obtainig at least one new customer. Therefore, I would say, it's been a success for those that entered into the spirit of the campaign.


But then I would say that wouldn't I :lol:



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I would agree also that the week was a success, most of us are now realising the credibility of such a campaign. I would recommend "Cuttingedge" should ask StevenB if they could publish his report, its of great encouragement to all of us.


A lot has been learnt, the experience & lessons learnt are invaluable.



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