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computer problems!

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Pleased to see you are getting there ascap29, you have my deepest sympathy. My solution now is to have everything copied onto a USB portable drive, a sort of plug and go. I used an old wiped drive off my old computer and got a USB Case off ebay from hong Kong for £0.99, cost £3.99 post though, still a bargain.

I have learned from several re-installs to do a system restore every time I add or delete anything. Saved my drive many times with this, just rolled it back to when it worked fine. At the very minimum I do it once a month even if nothing has changed.

Drivers, Printers,Scanners,Card Readers, PhoneBrowsers,Cameras,Keyboards & Mice,joysticks,DVD Writers, CD Readers, seems to take forever getting them to talk to one another. I'd sooner Engrave a load of Zippo's and I hate engraving.

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i burn everything to dvd regularly anyway hugh, those usb sticks just don't hold enough information for what i need. great for exchanging data though 8) i've just purchased a secondary 80gb drive which i shall now use alongside my existing main drive to backup.


i still have no idea what's up with this thing, it works but i have to start windows from the installation cd to get it going :?


i think a new computer is in order :!: a nice clean start for me.


regards, rick.

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Neh lad I wasnt talking about a mini stick-I was talking about a 40gb portable one home made for peanuts. You have the old drive, wipe it and get a cage for it.

This way you just swap drives when anything goes wrong.


I prefer to have 2x 40gb with xp on both than 1x80gb with a chance of losing it all.


What probs are you having?

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We spotted Paul Daniels on the M25 on the way home from Hols a couple of weeks ago,

Spotted his number plate first MAG 1C, it was on an old Isuzu trooper. His spare wheel cover had a web site link, and he had boxes in the back.

We commented how amateur it all looked, just like any other local small time magician.

Will he like this post "not a lot"



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