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Hand writing & engaving

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UK I hope you don't mind but I split this one away from its original topic, because you touched a nerve!


I watched a demonstration on this at one of the shows a couple of years ago (did I tell you all we have a stand this year :roll: )

& infact had a plate done for my boys, which to this day is still on there bedroom wall (Thanks Timpsons)


Some time after this I got my engraver, and have played around with hand writing, but when ever I vectorize the imported image I get a tramline around the image.


this was done very quickly, so don't comment on the quality!


How do you get a single smooth line as per your example?


I am using GravoStyle 98 - Graphic.



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Hey Rick, Go computerised please.... It will make a hugh impact on your biz. Trust me :wink:

The most important thing is to choose the right machine.

You can do signature engraving with with most machines.


Signature engraving is far from my best line, but it is a line that most people don't offer.

I would have though it puts £80 per month in my till, Last christmas we pushed it and had a superb response.


Don't go for a farty little machine with a small engraving area.

I suspect you are an ambitious guy and would love to make all your own House signs, Memorial Plaques, etc.

There is loads of money to be made in this area. Customers love it when you let them design there own, knowing your going to make it for them personally.


Theres so much you can bring to your business if you get it right :wink: 157_DSCF0935_1.jpg











Would be a shame to miss out on allthis type of work because your machines engraving area was to small.

Well worth thinking about Rick. :wink:

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A Dremmel.. :lol:


No just kiddin,

I've got an is7000 & 2 is400 volume's.


Love em... My first machine (computerised) was an is200tx. It was good for jewellery, but the engraving area was to small, couldn't even engrave some large picture frames, and customers were askin for large plaques that I couldn't do :cry:


I traded it back for the is400 volume, my engraving has gone through the roof.


That,s why I urge Rick to choose the right machine, may as well be able to do everything, if your gonna go down that path. :wink:

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